Airstream Dreams

One of the recent summer catalogues for Bed Bath & Beyond caught our attention recently.  It’s cover features fun accessories for the backyard, though it’s a luminous Airstream trailer in the background that caught our eye!

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 9.55.30 AM

Airstream trailers are an American classic that are at once nostalgic and futuristic.  The shiny exterior, shaped like a bullet, looks ready to fly down the open highway on an adventure.  It inspires fantasies of a simple, spontaneous life.

The images of Airstream evoke fun and freedom.   They really are iconic.   Wally Byam, the founder and original Airstream designer, is a modern American inspiration himself.  He attended Stanford University, working at times for various newspapers, where he met lifetime friend Cornelius “Neil” Vanderbilt, Jr. (who invested in and travel-tested Byam’s early creations).  He started selling his campers from ads in the back of magazines and managed to build his backyard business into a successful American company.

Image via

Image via


The first factory produced Airstream, fittingly named “The Torpedo.” Image via

Over the years,  Byam’s Airstream became not only a symbol of the open road, but also an embodiment of how beauty and modern functionality go hand in hand.  NASA commissioned Airstream to build the “Astrovan” to quarantine Neil Armstrong’s crew after returning from the first flight on the moon (in case they carried ‘moon germs’).


Wally Byam’s Airstream creed was to put the “great wide world at your doorstep.”


Matthew McConaughey’s Airstream parked in Malibu, CA. Image via AD.

Check out the ocean in the background!  Via Jelanie.

Check out the ocean in the background! Via Jelanie.

Via Remodelista

Via Remodelista

Image via Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest.


Image via Pinterest.

And though most of us may never own an Airstream, it’s fun to dream!  The same design spirit and Airstream inspiration can be found in interiors, especially in furniture design.

This retro redwood and aluminum folding chair reminds us of the chairs we sat in many afternoons under our grandfather’s grapefruit trees.  The aluminum makes it light, impervious to the elements and easy to transport. The wood gives it a natural, organic feel.  You can find these on Etsy and eBay.


For a similar, sleeker look, check out the Emeco Navy Armchair 1006 (called 10-oh-6) with wood seat available at DWR.  This chair was designed as a lightweight, easy to use chair aboard ships for the U.S. Navy.  It has a sturdy traditional look, but the aluminum gives it a light, airy modern appeal.


Airstream also toyed around with producing colored versions of their popular travel van, specifically in pastels, to match the interior design color trend of the 1950s.  Wally Byam decided to stick to the classic aluminum, but the idea of a little pop of aluminum color is so much fun.  Would love to see pastel Airstream trailers going down the highway!

Instead, we can appreciate these colorful aluminum stools.


This cocktail table, from CB2, combines a rustic wood top with an aluminum base.

Image via CB2.

Image via CB2.

We found this collapsable, army grade aluminum and canvas cot, from Kaufmann Mercantile.  The shiny base gives a bit of glamour and shine to the functional canvas.


Restoration Hardware’s Blackhawk Collection below.  Looks like we could put wheels on it and drive it to the next campground.



Interestingly, this Restoration Hardware line is part of the Aviator Collection — Wally Byam worked for an airplane manufacturing company!

And finally, we’re writing this blog from computers made mostly from recycled aluminum.

Image via

Image via

For those of you in the Tampa Bay area, next time you’re driving down the I-4 corridor, catch a glimpse of Airstream Ranch.

Photo by Skip O'Rourke via Tampa Bay Times.

Photo by Skip O’Rourke via Tampa Bay Times.

We have such an obsession with Airstream trailers.  Thanks for letting us share.  We have a Pinterest page devoted to the iconic travel trailer.  Take a look!

Outdoor Spaces: Interior Design Inspiration for Summer time!

Summer is upon us.  We celebrated Memorial Day, the school year has ended or is ending soon, and we are beginning to settle into that lazy summer feeling.  Most of us still have to go to work each morning, but we get to dress more casually and look forward to slower weekends. Spending time outside with friends is one of the best parts of summer for us and we’ve been eyeing some bright, airy and inviting outdoor spaces.

Christopher Worthland has gathered a great collection of outdoor rooms, and shares them on The Art of the Room.  We are passing along some of them to you.

The first few photos showcase graceful and elegant rooms dressed in natural and neutral shades of whites.  Looking at these pictures, it’s easy to imagine our friends, wine glasses in hand, engaging in witty conversation and enjoying a relaxing summer evening.


Image via The Art of the Room. Photo by Pieter Estersohn.

Image via The Art of the Room.  Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Veranda.

Image via The Art of the Room. Photo by Miguel Flores-Vianna for Veranda.

The stone wall adds a timeless feel to this room, and those chairs are amazing!

Photo by William Waldron.

Photo by William Waldron.


Image via Pinterest.

The breezy, tropical feel of the next few areas makes us ready for an afternoon nap.

Image via the Art of the Room.  Photo by Tim Beddow for Architectural Digest.

Image via the Art of the Room. Photo by Tim Beddow for Architectural Digest.


Image via Pinterest.


Image via Tom

Photo by William Waldron.

Photo by William Waldron.

We’ll leave you with this last room, one of our favorites!  With the staghorn ferns lining the walls, the soft blue color pallette, and natural wood touches, this room feels stylish and and fresh, while also evoking memories of quiet, calm, lemonade-filled afternoons.

Photo by Eric Piasecki for Steven Gambrel Time & Place.

Photo by Eric Piasecki for Steven Gambrel Time & Place.

Happy Summer!