Pillow Talk – Styling your Bed

Making our beds every day – just like mom taught us – is part of a morning routine, and many of us feel happier, more organized and ready to go once we’ve tidied up the sheets and plumped the pillows.

There are so many attractive permutations and combinations when it comes to styling the pillows on a bed.  Some people prefer a very minimal, streamlined look.  Some prefer a more Bohemian, scattered feel.  Others like a little of both.  Below are  general guides from King and Queen beds, but you may have other ideas.  As long as it makes you feel happy, it’s right!


King bed general guide above.  The rule of thumb to “fill” the width of a King bed:  3 Euro shams, 3 Standard Shams or 2 King Shams.

Matouk.com (2).jpg

Queen beds shown above.  The width of a Queen bed requires 2 Euro shams or 2 Standard Shams.

Below are examples of some of the myriad of pillow arranging options.  Most of these are King beds.

www.casa.com  John Robshaw.jpg

John Robshaw

Fabulous John Robshaw bedding!



Surroundings Interiors

Definitely on the Bohemian spectrum.  We love this fun bed!



Sarah Sama

We don’t often see this style but for the minimalist this is a nice look.


Surroundings Interiors

The client wanted a simple, classic, clean look.  Monogrammed King shams backed with 3 Euro Shams.  The real sleeping pillows are tucked behind the Euros.

www.surroundingsinteriors.com (2).JPG

Surroundings Interiors

This Queen bed has 2 sleeping pillows hidden by 2 Standard shams and 3 highly  textural throw pillows.  Lucious.



Style Estate

The very feminine example above is a Queen bed with 2 Standard Shams, 2 Euro Shams and 2 square throw pillows.


Terrat Elms

Romantic layering of Euro shams, King shams and throw pillows above.


Mia Rao

Some like a modern, simple arrangement.

How your bed looks once it’s made up depends on your personal style and design preference.  So go minimal, go Bohemian, or go traditional…but definitely go make your bed!

Surroundings is swinging into 2016!

Swinging may be my favorite pastime.  I love the feeling of freedom, the tummy butterflies and the sense of revisiting childhood.

Swings can be seen everywhere lately.  You will see them in living areas, porches and even professional offices.  Take a look at a few examples and imagine yourself no longer tethered to the ground.  Yippee!


8b27d447e31af5c89e1ffa4ff938f971.jpg‘Nautica’ swing by Expormim


RSB by Ro Sham Beaux

Bastille Chair Tibetan Fur by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams


Hanging Hoop Chair, Lee Broom

A Surroundings original creation overlooking the bay on Anna Maria Island.

Work play!  Swing Table by Duffy London via Dezeen