Surroundings is swinging into 2016!

Swinging may be my favorite pastime.  I love the feeling of freedom, the tummy butterflies and the sense of revisiting childhood.

Swings can be seen everywhere lately.  You will see them in living areas, porches and even professional offices.  Take a look at a few examples and imagine yourself no longer tethered to the ground.  Yippee!


8b27d447e31af5c89e1ffa4ff938f971.jpg‘Nautica’ swing by Expormim


RSB by Ro Sham Beaux

Bastille Chair Tibetan Fur by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams


Hanging Hoop Chair, Lee Broom

A Surroundings original creation overlooking the bay on Anna Maria Island.

Work play!  Swing Table by Duffy London via Dezeen


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